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The Quality Sleep, made real.
airweave creates fresh value in the world of slumber.

Motokuni Takaoka
Founder, President and CEO of airweave

Since its foundation, airweave inc. has built its business with one goal: to earn the custom of people who always seek the best. We are not a Company that sells bedding. We are a Company that sells quality of sleep.

I developed the airweave in 2007. As a young man, I had suffered whiplash in a traffic accident. Whenever I slept on a low rebound memory foam mattress, I would wake up the next morning with a sore neck. It was a time of discomfort for me. In those days, most people would choose a mattress by touching it. To me, it seemed that the way a person feels after a night’s sleep was much more important. By concentrating on the after-sleep experience, I created an entirely new market. The Company I founded had an unshakable philosophy: The Quality Sleep—the quality of the world of sleep—was to be our focus.

airweave has been pouring efforts into sleep research almost since its foundation. Partnering with outside academic organizations, airweave analyzed sleep scientifically, carrying out research that was fair and impartial. One product that could only be developed through our relentless focus on sleep quality was the tripartite-structure mattress. Developed using our accumulated knowledge in the field, tripartite-structure mattresses vary hardness for each part of the body.

Going forward, airweave will also focus on achieving a sustainable society, pouring effort recycling of bedding and development of new materials. We aim to be a manufacturer who makes a difference, delivering eco-friendly performance as well as a good night’s sleep.

airweave is a value-creating company that brings high-quality sleep to people around the world. We will continue to pursue new heights in sleep quality, creating fresh value for the world of sleep as a total sleep solution company.

Motokuni Takaoka
Founder, President and CEO of airweave

Company Mission

The Quality Sleep。眠りの世界に品質を

By generating a steady stream of groundbreaking products that create fresh value in the world of sleep, airweave is fulfilling its mission as a daily-living infrastructure business.

We realize affluent lifestyles for people worldwide by delivering the very best in sleep.


Insistence on the best
airweave provides products and services of the world’s highest quality, capturing the attention of everyone who insists on the best.
Improvement of brand value
By continuing to meet and exceed customer expectations, we build trust, improving our brand.
Pursuit of true quality
Never fooled by appearances or guesswork, we pursue true value by conducting research and development backed by advanced science.
Embracing the challenge of change
We dispense with preconceived notions, embracing constant change and committed to progress.
Timely action
Guided by a global vision and sense of value, we move with speed and sensitivity to time.
Remembering the value of simplicity
With a deep-seated commitment to simplicity and stability, we review each task with a meticulous eye on cost.